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Bells of Breakthrough! – Jubilee and a United Kingdom

John 17 v22-23 –  Love resides in unity and unity births revival though Love.

It’s so simple – perfect Love drives out all the fear that divides us, in perfect Love and intimacy with the Father we are united in our hearts and minds (undivided, made complete, ‘sozo-ed’), across generations and denominations, across cultures and continents… one spirit, one love, one global revival.

Years ago God really put the word ‘Unity’ on my heart, more recently I’ve felt that word has become a stirring in our nation! We are not called the ‘United Kingdom’ for nothing! It is our prophetic destiny as a nation!… the outcome of walking into that destiny is revival.

Sometimes I’ve wondered why we have such a weak cultural esteem compared to some other nations but now I know its because the UK has lost real ‘Kingdom’ identity, instead we’ve been swallowed up by the global consumerist empire, thank God thats not the end of the story!….. So here is part of my contribution to the next chapter…

In September last year I was at the ‘Revival Alliance gathering’ and so was the holy spirit in a big way! Almost all Church denominations were present . On the friday night representatives from each one got up and repented of how that denomination had grieved the Holy spirit; in repentance doorways are opened for new levels of intimacy – new seeds for unity were sown. When the Holy spirit is free to be at work in us and speak denominations become united – we are one body of one spirit

In that church by the houses of parliament we prayed for our government and our nation.

Three weeks later I was back in Manchester (where I study) and I found myself unexpectedly at a Maranatha meeting: this quiet organisation is an international prayer giant involved in fighting government legislation and injustice. They’re a cross denominational organisation quietly listen for God’s voice in the middle of the storms of change. It was their 30th anniversary and their theme was ‘Unity’. The older generation got down on their knees and repented for their lack of fathering and mothering and mentoring of the younger generation… As one of the ‘younger generation’ I stood with others and prayed repentance for how we had disrespected and devalued the older generation and called all those present into their destiny as spiritual mothers and fathers to the broken. Malachi 4:5-6 was read out as a declaration “he will restore the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers, so that I will not come and smite the land with a curse”.

It was an honour to be there.

God put the verse from Acts 2 on my heart that night “I will pour out my spirit on all mankind: your sons and daughters shall prophesy, and your young men will see visions and your old men shall dream dreams’ !!! -Revival transcends age, in fact in unity we will see his love (John 17) and when the generations unite the curse will be broken! (Malachi 4). Amazingly one week later I joined a Vinelife (Manchester church) ‘lifegroup’ that was reading a book ‘Supernatural ways of Royalty’ and found myself reading these exact words!!! (page 116-117) (I could hardly believe it, only I could because holy spirit is amazing like that).

Manchester has a student inter-church meeting called the gathering it is fab! More unity! (I would love to see it spark an intergenerational inter-church meeting).

New Years eve prayer night 2011-2012. That night he fact that this year is the Queen’s Jubilee year seemed to resonate with me in a deeper way and as the hour ticked over I prayed that this would be a year of breakthrough, that it would truly be a year of Jubilee (Leviticus 25) and year of abundance in our land. I prayed prophetically with the paster of ‘Restore’ (my home/family church) and I saw the word breakthrough written over him…

A couple of months Later a picture of a bell appeared on facebook with the caption ‘Ring the bell for Jesus!’ I thought one of my mates had finally gone a little “happy, clappy, crazy” until I found out Restore church had bought a bell and engraved it with the reference verses from ‘Isaiah 61’….

“The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me,
    because the Lord has anointed me
    to proclaim good news to the poor. 
He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted,
    to proclaim freedom for the captives 
    and release from darkness for the prisoners,
to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favour…”

The Bell was rang in the church and then released to anyone that wanted to take it so that they could ring it prophetically wherever breakthrough was needed in their lives (It even took a trip to Brazil).

‘The year of the Lords Favour’ is referring here to the year of Jubilee and so prophetically this bell stands in the same line of inheritance as the more famous ‘Liberty bell’ which has the verses from Leviticus, about Jubilee, engraved on it. The ‘Liberty Bell’ was made in Whitechapel, London, and rang on the original American Independence Day in Philadelphia (Philadelphia meaning brotherly love). Afterwards it was carried from town to town to be rang out to declare freedom and Jubilee!

Visiting home in London again around the same time I had a conversation with my sister I will never forget, it went something like this:

Beth: “The revival that’s gonna come will be a revival of joy”

me:  “wow, that just resonates so much! A month ago I asked God about revival and he said it was going to be known as the city streets revival… and what you said fits just right because real Joy is so visible it can’t be hidden”

Beth: “God is moving he’s speaking to people so they can be front runners and pull others with them… the starting Gun went off a while ago!”

I reread what I transcribed then and I can feel the excitement rising up in me again.

Fast forward to a month ago and I was at the Isabel Allum conference (run by CTF my new church while I’m on placement back down in London). It was an amazing conference but there was one bit that really made my spirit jump in me… Isabel described a vision she had; God took her back in time to the Azusa Street revival and people were being healed on the streets, Isabel said this is the type of revival God wants to release – visible revival, a revival on the streets!!! wow!

Now three weeks ago I heard a talk by Beni Johnson at Bethel Church (CA) and she said ‘the Bells are ringing again in the uk!!!!!’  ….and that to mark the start of the Olympics everyone is going to be asked to ring a bell for three minutes! (even if it’s just your own door bell!) – this is no coincidence, this is prophetic! We, the UK, are being called back to worship and called into our destiny! Come on!

(The talk is called ‘positioned for transition’ and is on the Bethel website).

At the same time back in the England, Chloe, one of the Pastors at CTF, woke up in the night having felt like she was floating above her bed, she woke saying “the bells are ringing”, Her husband Stu woke up and straight away they texted Carol and John Arnott (among others) to ask if God had been saying anything to them that would clarify what had happen to Chloe. When the text came through to Carol she was in Bethel church listening to Beni say “the bells are ringing in the UK’….  wow, wow, wow! (You can imagine the text back!)

The start of the Olympics –  July 27th – put it in your diary! Ring your bell for breakthrough! If you don’t have one buy one! (please)

The next weekend was Jubilee weekend and Thames Parade was headed up with… Ringing Bells! Thank God for the Queen of England!!! (Never mind ‘God save the Queen’, He already has!).

This is a Year of breakthrough! Lets claim it! Let’s shift the spiritual atmosphere.

Revival won’t come just because God wants it to, He’s always wanted it to. It will come because his children have positioned themselves to bear the responsibility; he is waiting for us to co-labour…

Are you hungry for revival to come? ‘Hunger prepares you for responsibility’ (Bill Johnson) God will pour into you.

Are you intentionally going to cross the generational and cultural divides in your life? In your community? In your family? To forgive? To Love unconditionally? Do you know deep down in your heart just how loved you are by Daddy God? Because it’s that revelation that will empower you and at the same time break your heart with compassion for our nation.

We need to get ourselves healed up so we can carry a revival that lasts, a culture of revival. We need to Love each other in Church with a deep God given capacity. We need mentors, friends, people to run with, people to nurture…. more than ‘soul mates’ these are our ‘spirit mates’, beautiful sons and daughters of the King of Kings!

I just want to pause here and honour a friend, Daisy,…a week ago I read her Blog (see link below). Her personal insight and testimony into how she is bringing her heart into alignment with God’s heart, though generational unity, is beautiful.

Revival lives in the heart of the beloved…it’s Christ in you. It’s powerfully gentle. It’s Love poured out like oil anointing your life with a deep and lasting peace and compassion. It’s having your heart broken for those that don’t know His Love yet. It’s wanting to see people set free and to share in The Father’s Love story with them.

Now is the time for breakthrough not tomorrow, today! Today is the day to get down on your hands and knees and if anything is holding you back to cry out for healing, to get intentional with God so that he can use you to heal this nation!

While I was in Worship at the Isabel Allum conference I had a vision… I was rushing up through the atmosphere away from the earth and I said “God, God am I going to see heaven?” I strained my spiritual eyes to see if I could see it and He said “just turn around” I did and there was the world, with tears in my eyes I heard the father say “this is my broken world and I am raising up a generation that have been broken hearted to heal the nations…. the enemy has over played his hand again”

It doesn’t matter how hurt you’ve been the Abba father loves you, Jesus died for you and you are an important part of what God wants to do next! You can co-labour to bring heaven on earth! Don’t wait another second to be real with God, trust that he can heal you – every last part of you. He has never let you go, His Love never fails.

No one is too broken for God to use, just like others, I’m a walking testimony to that! (My healing had conditions to it until I had a revelation of what unconditional Love really is).

We carry Jesus, we carry revival, it’s incredible! Almost too good to be true, but it is true… we are history makers.

Ring those Bells, lets see the UK transformed through Love.

Lets see Isaiah 61 happen…. prophesy it over our nation.



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  1. Ruth, this is such a powerful post! I am very excited! 😀 Let the bells ring! God is so on it! I love the line ‘ we are not called the United Kingdom for nothing!’ With love x

    July 4, 2012 at 2:19 pm

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