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Lights in the Snow

Running in the snow… This was an email i wrote almost exactly two years ago and I was reminded of it today….


My lungs are frozen but it was worth it. My chest hurts but I know I’m really breathing.

There’s something about treading on unbroken snow than clarifies a moment in time, I was there, I was first, tomorrow I’ll be gone just like the snow that melts away.

Running through the snow, fighting the freezing wind you feel the leap of the survivor’s spirit rushing through your heart, wild and free and alive. There is a lot to be said for living in the moment, not living for the moment because that has no future, but in it, because this is what life is made of.

In a white world faces glow with the warmth of life, strikingly more clear against the snow that fades all else from prominence under one blanket of deathly slumber.

Is this how we look in God’s eyes?….. like lights in a shadow world? I blur my eyes and up and down the snow covered streets wonder little flames of humanity.

The snow shrinks the world, the distance is blotted out by falling flakes and the world becomes the frozen bubble that surrounds you. The snow draws the world close and people closer; you are an ally to the stranger across the street as they battle the weather, just like you.

Thank God for the seasons! Changes help me see the world in a different light. The snow takes away the ‘everyday’, I have seen things today like I never saw them before.


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